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How it Started

Hello, my name is Sandra Colamartino, and I am a designer with a serious chocolate addiction. In 2008 I resigned from my publishing career to create a library of chocolate bars.

The Chocolate Library

I combined my designs with locally sourced high quality handmade chocolate. Today The Chocolate Library has over 1000 unique designs and nine chocolate bar flavours to choose from. The range is constantly growing and evolving and although we do sell wholesale to selected stockists, online personalisation is a huge selling point, so we sell the majority of our bars direct to consumers though our shop on notonthehighstreet.com.

The Chocolate Library

In 2013 we created a matching personalised notebook range, followed by a range of personalised gift socks. Yes socks! With this development, we decided a name change was in order, so in 2014 the company became Chocolate Library.

Breakthrough Product

Working alongside our talented local chocolate partner, in 2014 we co-invented the world's most delicious chocolate brussels sprout - made entirely from chocolate of course! At Christmas 2015 the demand for our chocolate sprouts became so high that it was impossible for our local chocolatier to make enough as well as run her own chocolate shop. This led to the decision to invest in our own Edinburgh kitchen.

More Sprouts Please!

In 2016 we moved to new premises in Edinburgh which had space to build a chocolate room. We installed the kitchen and took on the chocolate boys over the summer which led to us being able to double our capacity of sprouts if needed. And it was needed! Combining the production of our local supplier and with our new team in place in Edinburgh, we collectively made a record amount of sprouts in a very short timeframe. Over 360,000, with each and every one made by hand!

The ChocLab

In 2017 we have taken our love of chocolate to a whole new level with the launch of the ChocLab. With our in-house chocolate laboratory fully equipped with talented chocolatiers, we have all the ingredients in place to make exciting discoveries in the world of chocolate. We have even created a Periodic Table of Flavours as a reference point to explore new frontiers in chocolate combinations! As small batch manufacturers we are excited about the next chapter this new venture brings.

We look forward to serving you!

Sandra Colamartino

Creative Director and Founder, Chocolate Library

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