About Our Chocolate

About Our Chocolate

We use real Belgian chocolate as a base for all our products. We chose to do so for a number of reasons, with the overriding factor being how good it tastes. Another big consideration was that our supplier has access to a wide range of chocolate available to experiment with including Single Origin and organic chocolate. These will be used in future batches, but our intention is to first establish a main range of affordable regular flavours.

Unless otherwise stated on the product listing pages, our regular batches use real Belgian chocolate with the following minimum cocoa solids content:

Milk Chocolate

A 33.5% milk chocolate which has a perfect balance between sweet, milky and cocoa taste. A brilliant base for a whole host of delicious flavour combinations.

White Chocolate

A smooth 30% white chocolate which a lovely creamy taste. We add extra vanilla extract to every batch to enhance the flavour.

Dark Chocolate

With 55% min cocoa solids, this is a wonderfully balanced dark chocolate with only a mild bitterness and has a fresh fruity note. The bitterness of a really rich dark chocolate can be a wonderful thing, so we will use stronger and more bitter dark chocolate for some of our experiments.

Single Origin & Organic Chocolate

The following Single Origin chocolate will be used for some limited edition ChocLab runs coming soon: Vietnam 45 Milk Chocolate & Ecuador 71% Dark Chocolate. Future ChocLab batches will also include organic chocolate as a base, these will be paired with fully organic topping combinations. Watch this space!

Fairtrade Chocolate

We are comfortable that we are working with a reputable supplier who has a number of initiatives in place to ensure a sustainable future for cocoa production in the plantations that they import from. In addition, they also have an extensive range of Fairtrade chocolate available.

We are happy to accept commissions for batches using exclusively Fairtrade certified chocolate and toppings, as long as you can meet our MOQ. To get a quote for special batch or Own Label chocolate, please contact us telling us who you are any what size of order you have in mind. Contact form on the main menu bar.

Our Chocolatiers

Meet the lovely faces behind the chocolate making process, our very own Chocolate Boys. Both Alastair and James joined our main company Chocolate Library in 2016 and were literally thrown in at the deep end making thousands of chocolate brussels sprouts to cope with our best ever Christmas. Alastair was still studying when he first joined us, and has recently completed a Professional Patisserie and Confectionery qualification where he was named Student of the Year 2017!

Over the last year, we've watched as these guys have slowly turned into chocolate experts. It's not happened overnight as there's more to tempering than meets the eye, but slowly but surely bloomed chocolate has become a thing of the past. They have experimented with different methods and have worked out the best systems to achieve beautifully tempered glossy chocolate every time. Now the real fun can begin as they turn their attention to inventing new flavour combinations.

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